Project Spelling Migration 2.0

VICO & MÜCÖ – Xberg 3/6/1

This clip was produced as part of the project “Spelling-Migration 2.0”.

Spelling Migration 2.0 is a cooperation project of “Drei Wünsche Frei – Studio für kulterelle Praxis” with the “Youth and Cultural Center DTK Wasserturm Kreuzberg” and the “Förderverein proArena e.V.”.

Supported within the framework of the project “Kulturbotschaft” of the sponsoring consortium of AKSB, Familienbildung Deutschland and KEB Deutschland e.V. from the program “Culture makes strong – alliances for education” of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Project management:
Caglar Budakli
Cheb Kammerer
Lars Künstler
Lotte Weib
Sharon Horodi